O-Edwardian-Script.gif         ver the years, the Miles Ranch land was gradually sold. The remaining portion, containing the house, barn, and outbuildings, stayed in the Miles family until 1999. Since then, the property has passed through numerous hands and was left vacant for a number of years. 




The Bruxellas family purchased the 6 acres containing the dilapidated mansion house, barn, and outbuildings in February, 2011. Sensitive preservationists, they made few structural changes to the mansion house.  An ongoing, tireless, restoration and rehabilitation effort was initiated. Vast improvements to the mansion house were made. These included extensive property beautification, new roof, all new electrical, and all new plumbing. Additionally, new heating and air-conditioning systems were installed. The original wood floors were refinished, the foundation repaired, and the porches restored. The entire interior and exterior of the house were repainted, as well.


As the family researched more about the incredible history of the place, they felt it was important to list the property in the National Register of Historic Places, to insure its preservation and so it could receive the recognition it deserves. 

Today, the Historic Miles Ranch remains true to S.B. Miles’ vision and entrepreneurial spirit by adapting to change and evolving. His tenacity inspired the new owners to creatively transform the ranch, so it will sustain, grow, and thrive for generations to come. The property remains family-owned with the goal of becoming a self-supporting historic site with a focus on Agritourism.



Following the Miles Ranch long tradition of hospitality, the grounds will be offered to individuals, businesses, clubs and organizations for parties, reunions, and special occasions. Grape vines were planted in the spring of 2014 along the north plateau of the property, facing south for ideal sunlight exposure.

Since the begining of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the Miles Ranch has stopped hosting any events or visitors. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.  

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