It took a very big dream and lots of courage to get us here. We always dreamt of saving an old house and barn. We envisioned raising our children in the country with open spaces… in a place where work and play are one. Unfortunately, education and jobs kept taking us to bigger cities and further from the idyllic life we longed for. When the opportunity knocked on our door, we heard the call and knew it was right.

In our first visit here, as we walked through the field of old walnut and cedar trees, historic home, and rustic barn, it was like we could hear them crying softly… please give us another chance, so we can shelter and protect a new family. That is when we fell in love with the property.

While this is our home where we are raising our 4 children, we fully understand our responsibility to care for it. We are merely the current caretakers and curators for a long while before the next family will come to enjoy it as we have.  Along the way, memories will be created.  We will enjoy our friends and family that come to visit us. We will meet new people and have long conversations.

We want to thank those of you who share our dream with us and admire this beautiful place we call home.

The Bruxellas Family

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